Launch the brand as ‘the fish specialist’, but also have individual content that could drive trial and repeat purchase of particular products.


Fish is perceived as messy to prepare and difficult to cook properly.


It was crucial to project two key benefits in our proposed campaign:

All the work had been done already, in preparing the fish
The dishes should be absolutely delicious

The campaign, “You shall have a fishy in a little dishy” focused on delicious food that happened to be frozen and not about frozen food.

As well as an ongoing TV advertising campaign, we went on to create a TV Programme: Mitch & Matt’s Big Fish, on UKTV and Dave. This was supported with 8 Advertising Bumpers starring real people talking about why they love fish so much.


-Convinced the trade to increase product listings

-It convinced the Company’s venture capitalist partners to invest regularly in marketing

-In 5 years, advertising helped to grow company turnover from £90m to £300m, making Young’s a top 20 supermarket brand