London Pride has faced increasing competition from craft beers.

The challenge was how to stay front-of-mind when for many cask ale drinkers “discoverability” has considerable appeal. We needed to drive saliency in the brands heartland and reinforce its reputation as a great pint.


Drinkers like to try new beers, but they also appreciate real quality.


Supporting our original positioning of ‘Whatever you do, take pride, James May seemed the ideal brand ambassador for the brand.  Plainly, we were able to borrow his celebrity, but he gave us much more.  He lives near the brewery and has previously stated his admiration for Fuller’s beers.  He is regarded by consumers as someone who would be a good judge, and importantly someone who would not support a brand he didn’t believe in.  Altogether he was the perfect high-profile advocate for London Pride.

James May featured throughout an integrated marcoms programme, not solely in advertising.  In particular social and online promotions used James to capture in-pub atmosphere, and he presented what is probably the most engaging brewery visit along with the Head Brewer, John Keeling.


-Sales +5%

-Selling 45% more than closest rival in London and South East