Our Services

Brand Planning

Unearthing insights, whether consumer, cultural, brand or market insights, to help shape a strategic direction for the brand or a particular piece of content.


Everything we do is about getting the right idea in front of the right target audience at the right time. Without a great idea, we have nothing. And the bigger the idea, the better. We don’t necessarily believe you need a unicorn, fire breathing dwarves and talking meerkats, but the more creative the idea, the more traction it tends to have.


Being able to produce content in-house, means it’s more cost effective for our clients. From storyboarding, filming, photography, artwork, studio space, post production, editing, motion graphics to audio mixing, The Impossible Dream can support our clients for all their content needs.

Media Planning and Buying

Post and hope is not a distribution strategy we would recommend. In today’s market, social platforms have made it more difficult for content to ‘go viral’. They are media owners, like traditional TV channels, and as such, a budget sometimes needs to be allocated against media to ensure content is given the best opportunity to be picked up.

Through our partnership with Davies Prince Media, as well as planning and buying traditional broadcast and online media, we can also help you identify which owned, earned and paid channels to invest your time and budget in.

Performance Analysis

The Impossible Dream can work with you to identify some meaningful key performance indicators to measure. We can produce daily, weekly or monthly reports, depending on what you prefer.

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